Classic VIP Protection Operative

Classic VIP Protection Operative

  • VIP Protection-Classic-Single &Team operation
  • Concepts,Methods &Tactics
  • Protection operation in situations &actions
  • Protection in Motion-Multiple/Convoy Vehicle use
  • Armed &Unarmed response methods

High Risk Protection Operative

  • Operational fitness
  • Protection Concepts,Methods & Tactics-HIGH RISK
  • Special Combat/Tactical Methods-Various Weapons
  • Anti Sabotage
  • Use of Vehicles in High Risk Protection
Classic VIP Protection Operative
Classic VIP Protection Operative


Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support is the course specifically designed for people who are directly at risk of developing trauma as a result of operation of firearms, explosives, chemical and biological materials.

The aim of this course is to prepare you to cope with all possible traumatic situations. Without doubt this is the only course that will prepare you for any unpredictable situation which may arise during field operations. We recommend that the course is attended by medically trained people. However, it is possible to start this course without any previous medical experience but with a positive result from the assessment of medical and emergency equipment knowledge.

Tactical Rescue Training

Tactical Rescue Training is designed for all who are responsible for delivering medical support in various tactical environments. The course can be attended not only by medical staff, for whom tactical actions are novelty, but also operators regardless of their knowledge in the field of tactical rescue. Our training programme has been created in response to realistic tactical situations.

Day 1

It starts with the introduction and outline of general aims and objectives and description of the role of tactical rescuer. The first day covers: assisting with injuries, selection of equipment used in medical rescue, assessment of the victim’s injuries, familiarisation with incapacitating weapons, Close Quarters Battle programs/room clearing (CQB), tactical elements in a team.

Day 2

The morning course for this program includes delivering support to all team members and self defence techniques. In the afternoon session all the practical skills in the field of rescue and CQB will be enhanced and build on.

Day 3

You will be shown how to utilise the skills already learnt within last two days in a wide range of imaginary scenarios/simulations. All the techniques will be practiced in a variety of high-threat and stressful environments.

Tactical Rescue Training Tactical Rescue Training Tactical Rescue Training Tactical Rescue Training


Tactical Combat Casualty Care-basic module

The course has been designed for Armed Forces Units :Army,Police etc. as well as CPO working in high risk regions.

  • The course is based on TC3 and PHTLS recommendations, modernized and adjusted to our conditions by Special Forces operators
  • Duration time: 2 days

The basic course programme consists of:

  • The differences between tactical and civil rescue
  • Acting under siege (managing the weapon while injured, self-help)
  • Dressing wounds and injuries
  • Rescue measures currently used in battlefield
  • Methods of evacuating the injured from the car
  • Dressing wounds using improvised measures
  • Exercise in simulated combat conditions
Tactical Combat Casualty Care-basic module
Tactical Combat Casualty Care-basic module

Tactical Combat Casualty Care - advanced module

The advanced course programme involves combat simulations depending on the specialization of the unit, such as:

  • Conducting tactical-rescue actions (black tactic, green tactic)
  • Convoy protection of a VIP
  • Higher risk detentions

Additionally, we can extend the advanced course to include the following:

  • Rescue in the height
  • Recognition in pyrotechnics and conduct in an explosives-threatened zone
  • Simulating the combat using pyrotechnical equipment

The guarantee of realism during our activities is a high-quality medical simulation.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care - advanced module Tactical Combat Casualty Care - advanced module

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

We work with the highest quality tactical equipment by such brands as:

  • North American Rescue
  • TacMed Solutions

Our instructors team:

  • medical rescuers: Special Police Counterterrorism Unit operators
  • Polish Army Special Forces operators
  • experienced medical rescuers from A&E and the Fire Brigade
Tactical Combat Casualty Care


Firearms Trainings (Basic)

2 Day Basic Pistol
Course Overview
A two day introduction to safe practical and effective firearms handling. This course is specifically designed to train candidates in the fundamentals of pistol shooting, from safe to fast handling, accurate and effective close quarter shooting. You will be shown the most up to date techniques currently taught to special forces units, to enable you to shoot efficiently in a variety of realistic tactical situations.

  • Introduction to Instructors and Staff
  • Outline of Course Aims and Objectives
  • Weapon Familiarisation and Maintenance
  • Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
  • Grip, Stance, Trigger Control, Sights, loading/unloading
  • Instinctive Shooting ranging from 0 to 7 metres
  • Aimed shooting ranging from 5 to 20 metres
  • Multiple Threats/Multiple Shots
  • Speed Reloads
  • Introduction to Moving Targets

Firearms Trainings (Intermediate)

2 Day Intermediate Pistol
Course Overview
A 2 day course specifically designed to enhance and build on the skills already learned. The fundamentals of safe weapons handling and shooting will be refreshed to provide the candidate with a variety of techniques to operate effectively and at greater distance in wide range of environments. All the techniques have been proven in real world situations and are those currently taught to elite units and special forces. This course also includes an introduction to a variety of different weapons systems.

  • Introduction to Instructors and Staff
  • Outline of Course Aims and Objectives
  • Recap of all skills taught previously
  • Positional Shooting including use of Cover, keeling and Prone positions
  • Tactical Movement and Separation
  • Accelerated shots
  • Multiple Targets and Moving Targets
  • Dissimilar weapons training
  • Low light shooting

Firearms Trainings (Advanced )

2 Day Advanced Pistol / Carbine
Course Overview
An intense 2 day course specifically designed to take component shooters to a level of ability that will enable them to operate either individually or as part of a team in the most hostile of environments. Advance techniques involve not only pistol and carbine shooting but also shooting from and into vehicles. We will also cover fire and movement, low light shooting and weapon retention. At the end of the training, successful candidates will be able to operate in a safe, confident and effective manner in the most stressful and dynamic environments.

  • Introduction to Instructors and Staff
  • Outline of Course Aims and Objectives
  • Re-cap of all skills taught previously
  • Tactical re-loads
  • Stoppage drills and “Actions on“
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Shooting into and from Vehicles
  • Low Light Shooting, use of Torches and Tactical Lights
  • Weapon Retention and Strikes