About us

Icost Security Group is a security company offering a 24-hour professional and wide-range service in the UK. Our company was initiated by ex-soldiers from Special Forces who, inspired by years-long experience, knowledge, abilities and passion created procedures and standards to be used in a private sector. We provide our customers with the best quality service suiting individual needs.

Appropriate selection of employees, constant training and professional development as well as constructive supervision allow us to present you with fully proficient security service. We invite you to familiarize with our offer which will satisfy the most demanding customers and adjust to their individual preferences.


Our company provides a professional security service to a diversity of businesses. We are working across a number of sectors in order to accommodate individual demands and deliver a high-quality protection. The assistance is carefully channelled and adapted to particular needs of our clients whose views contribute to the design of the service. The customers’ feedback is very valued and helps us maintain high standards as well as aspire for even better ones.

The actions of our frontline staff are constantly monitored by operation control team from the moment the instructions are received and throughout the operation.


e-mail: enquiries@icost-team.com
tel: +44(0)1259 938 074
24H Ops +447742857387